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Some great news it looks like This former Orphanage was the top heritage venue over the weekend. just waiting to hear from the rest of the U.K.

Thanks to the Blind Spot Collective for the assist over the weekend with the artworks that we installed around the main hall, we were able to bring into the building a little taste, one that this building has to offer, over the three days of the event, 7000 people where able to grace the floors, 500 on the Friday, 1500 – 2000 on the Saturday and 3500 on the Sunday, the Heritage Open Day was under resourced, however with some support from the local media, friends and supporters, along with the fire brigade, we where able to put on a show.

One which will be remembered, for the first time in 139 years the Park Hospital and former Orphanage complex was open to the public. Everyone involved should pat themselves on the back and spend that in Tesco's. Sadly the artworks are coming down, and the building is in lockdown again. Over the few days that the building was open a great deal of support was received, this needs to be built upon and keep up the momentum and the love that the community has shown towards this building, with thanks to Norma Morris, for helping and bringing along some cracking images, that have been scanned and will be available shortly.


This Ledger recently discovered in the Maritime Museum marked 1848 - 1939 probably ended when the orphans were evacuated to Hill Bark with the start of World War II. Quite frankly I dont know how it has remained off the radar for so long, never been out in public due to its condition, it will take a skilled specialist over a month to scan, carefully unfold each parchment and digitise its contents so it can then be reproduced and put on display, what a splendid job someone is going to have wish it was me.

It will provide a unique outlook that started over 165 years ago containing Newspaper articles, letters from periodicals, letters from shipping companies / agents / owners etc, were aiming to get a full list of all the Ships, Captains local people and where they lived in great detail year by year. no easy feat the clock is ticking. Just think 2 years after Albert Dock was built this Ledger was conceived.

Its a unique discovery - mindblowing hopefully funding is secured within time to have on display for the heritage weekend. We have ten weeks to get something going.

In October 1941 marked a new school being established in the Seaman's Orphanage Newsham Park for males and on Croxteth Drive for females. The Auxilary fire service and the National Fire service was established under the Air Raids Precautions Act 1937, which received Royal Ascent 22 Dec it became law 1st Jan 1938.

On the 4th of May we started to give the Parkland and local landmarks a little love. "One is not born into the world to do everything but to do something". Henry David Thoreau, poet, writer, philosopher. This invaluable work continues today 41 sets of railings in front of us before the model boating lakes railings are repainted.

We move ever closer towards the heritage quarter.

Liverpool Model Boat Club lend a hand with tired old railings. Look at them shine.

There are still plenty of railings to be painted alongside the lake, however we never should just slap something together and call it a good job, fixes are fine once they are in place,  we should not say things like "thats how we do things here" meet the minimum requirement ? we should start planning to do it right and not just pull it off, better to fix it for an extended period of time.

Had to leave this one in "Our Park Our heritage Our Future"

1886 May 12. Visit of Her Majesty Queen Victoria, the Duke of Connaught, and Princess Beatrice. Her Majesty bestowed her patronage on the Institution.

The Lakeview Kiosk is now up and running, its opening times are 10:00 through till 18:30


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The video clip is just a little taster whilst we work towards a final cut.



If anyone has any old or new images, news or views and would like to get involved.


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